Shimmer up!

  1. Shimmering Trashpile is headquartered in the embattled and exalted Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

    Shimmering Trashpile
    5418 Monte Vista St.
    Los Angeles, CA
    90065 (google map)
  2. If you add your mailing address to the mail art list you just might find a strange thing nuzzled between a recall notice for a car that isn’t yours and a promotional flyer for a church that wants you to be excited about being bummed out.
  3. The Exoskeletal newsletter of peculiar imagery, labyrinthine run-on sentences, and event announcements arrives in your inbox.
  4. Shimmering Trashpile’s burrowing mole machines occasionally come up for air in other places across this earth (usually in secret.) You’ll know when we’re coming.