Mail Art

Enjoy Shimmering Trashpile from the convenience of your doorstep.

I expound on why I think mail art is important in the exoskeletal 2 email. I’ve copy/pasted some of that text here because ugh…. clicking on links… That’s like… the old-Internet back before we all became addicted to the eye drops.

Shimmering Trashpile believes in the awesomeness of
Yes! Right next to that crummy ol’ PennySaver you still can’t get unsubscribed from!

If you haven’t already, please sign up to get odd things delivered to your home! (Note: the mail art mailing list is different from the Shimmering Trashpile email list.)

10 reasons for mail art:

  1. I really like getting cool things in the mail.

  2. Most people I know really like that too.

  3. Mail gets delivered by plane, train, truck, car, boat, ferry, helicopter, subway, float plane, hovercraft, mule, bicycle and on foot (Yes! Mule!).

  4. Mail art is a perfect way for Shimmering Trashpile to collaborate with different artists on small projects that don’t involve 3 months of planning, patching drywall and picking up beer bottles.

  5. It comes to your home. No drone required.

  6. Serialized mail art pieces can be sent over an extended time. That’s a neat thing that art shows in a physical space can’t really do.

  7. Reply functionality is built in.

  8. You can take a picture of mail art and share it. Or you can give the physical object to a sick or bummed out friend.

  9. Mail art sometimes ends up in the mailbox of someone we don’t even know.

  10. Sometimes mail art will get destroyed in the gnashing teeth of the USPS sorting machine.

The Shimmering Trashpile mail art thing works like this.

Receiving Mail Art

  1. Add your address here. You can un-sign up by contacting me or you can just let whoever moves into your place after you get some odd things in the mail too. Unexpected mysterious odd things is kinda the point, really.

  2. Shimmering Trashpile will occasionally send you things in the mail.

  3. Sometimes these communiqués will come from me, sometimes they will come from other artists working with Shimmering Trashpile.

  4. Everyone won’t always get the same thing. A selection of folks might be on a “track” of things sent by an artist while another selection of folks might be on another track to get other things.

  5. Please share, integrate into your own creative acts or make your own mail art and reply!

Sending Mail Art
Email me at and we can chat about how together we might rock people’s mailboxes.