The Development of the Tashigahara-Van Helmont Antenna

The Development of the Tashigahara-Van Helmont Antenna
presented by Rosalynn and Adam Rothstein

The Tashigahara-Van Helmont Antenna is an evolved antenna concept, inspired by a recombination of the work of Sofu Tashigahara and Jan Baptista Van Helmont.

Incorporating soil samples taken from a series of Southwestern United States locations, invasive plants are stimulated to take on mass via photosynthesis. From these evolved shapes, electromagnetic radiators are fashioned in sequence, and recordings of the electromagnetic bands are taken on location.

At EXOSKELETON, Rosalynn and Adam presented the final form of these evolved radiators, constructed in order to prolong evolved electromagnetic life. Also displayed were the intermediate stages of antenna, recordings made with the antennas in the various locations, and documentation of the evolution process of the antenna.

Opening Date: Saturday, October 17th

7:00PM opening, eating, drinking, seeing, listening, and conversing.
8:00PM artists talk.
08:xx – 11PM more!

5418 Monte Vista St.
Los Angeles, CA 90042 (google map)

Also Open:
Wed. Oct 22nd 7PM – 10PM
Wed. Oct 28th 7PM – 10PM
and by appointment.

Also see the EXOSKELETON flyers for this show.