“Something that stimulates the music in the measure.”

WNYC’s “On the Media” skeezes me out a bit, but I’m excited that Micah Loewinger and Dan Charnas share the deep genius of Prince Paul and De La Soul’s creativity, the beauty of sampling and the evil that is copyright law in “The Case for Legalizing Sampling.” In this episode, Dan unfurls the awesomeness of De La Soul’s The Magic Number.

“It’s based on a sample of Schoolhouse Rock, and then they’re getting it to talk to Johnny Cash which is talking to Eddie Murphy in this trackā€¦ and that really is the moment that cracks open this idea of how you can use this music to talk to culture, to talk to the future, to speak to the present.”

Thanks to Marc Weidenbaum‘s This Week in Sound for pointing me to the On the Media podcast episode.

R.I.P. Trugoy the Dove