Prince worked really really hard.

Morris Day’s interview with the Questlove Supreme crew (June 22, 2021) is really great. I was particularly wowed by his comment about Prince’s work ethic. Prince would rent out an empty club so he could review the night’s performance and critique the entire band. Prince seemed like a nightmare to work for but… I try to remind myself about his commitment to excellence when I get that urge to slack off.

And so you know… I was video-ing the shows. And that’s something that stuck with Prince throughout his career. And, I don’t care… You know, even when we did the Musicology tour with him, or the dates that we did do. He would make everybody, his band, and everybody had to go to whatever club he rented out afterwards and he would have that show on the projection and everybody had to watch it.

[Questlove Supreme hosts react with laughter and astonishment.]

Getting on the musicians, ‘Hey you were behind on that song.’ ‘Hey you did this wrong…’ the whole thing, the whole show. Every show he did that.