“Hello Blender” and World Documents

I’ve been spending the day uploading introductory Blender videos to my “Pixel, Vectors, and Voxels” YouTube playlist and thinking about Matt Webb’s * mental note: spelled with two tees two bees * Interconnected post “Sending lo-fi virtual realities to aliens and also to each other.” Matt ideates,

Instead of preparing a Google Doc, why not build a miniature explorable world? Not VR in photorealistic 3D, but a virtual reality of (mainly) text.

Matt Webb in “Sending lo-fi virtual realities to aliens and also to each other”

and it makes me think about Yoon Park‘s “Type in Space” text/typography-based work for HoloLens 2.

It would be fun to be able to send someone a text message or email that has spatial awareness.

  • A reminder to pick up 🥑 by their door. 🚪
  • A cake emoji 🎂 by their clock on their birthday. ⏰
  • A dirty joke every time they flush the toilet 🚽

This would require some sort of very low friction and also very precise spatial permissions structure. Hrmm… 🤯 Ouch 🤯. It is still fun to think about though.

Yoon Park’s “Type In Space for HoloLens 2” – Spatial Typography in Mixed Reality (2019)